Benefits of Concrete Walkways in Your Property

Walkways can be a good home improvement project you can tackle. These are getting quite popular because they add value to your property. By installing a walkway, people will have a clear path to your front door. This way, your plants won’t get trampled and your yard looks more organized.

When installing walkways, you can use step stones or paving bricks. Concrete is also a popular material for residential walkways. This blog post focuses on the benefits of concrete walkways, and why you should build one on your property.


Concrete is one of the cheapest materials out there. According to HomeAdvisor, a concrete walkway costs $1,800 on average. This means that you will pay around $6 to $12 per square foot. This is less expensive than installing a paver or asphalt walkway. If you want to spend a little more than the average, you can choose more expensive designs and finishes. Both budget-friendly and luxury installations are possible with concrete.


If you choose a concrete walkway, you can be sure it can withstand wear and tear. Concrete is a durable material for landscaping and home improvement projects. It can absorb even the extreme foot traffic in areas like walkways and front entrances. This is why your concrete walkway is expected to last for several years. When installed properly, it will remain in good condition for 20-30 years.


The versatility of concrete allows it to be used for a wide variety of purposes. You can shape concrete according to your specific needs. It is adaptable to whatever shape, surface, and texture you want. By using concrete as the base material, you can have a walkway that is custom-made for your home and landscape.

Low Maintenance

One of the advantages of concrete walkways is there’s minimal upkeep. This can save you time and money for a very long time. All you need to do is grab a hose or leaf blower, then remove all the dirt and debris on the ground. During the winter, you can use a snowplow for easier removal of snow and ice. For maintenance of your walkway, resealing once every two years will remove signs of wear. You may ask a concrete contractor for recommendations regarding concrete resealing.

Style and Appearance

Most people think that concrete only creates a boring, light gray surface. However, a concrete walkway provides a focal point in your landscape. Concrete gives a clean, polished finish that can complement your green, lush lawn. There are endless design options to make your pathway look more attractive and stylish.

For example, you can choose different colors and textures to replicate brick and stones. Stamped concrete surfaces can be personalized to suit your taste and style. A professional concrete contractor can help you select the pattern that blends well with your home’s architectural design.


More than anything else, your walkway should be functional and accessible to everyone. Concrete is ideal if there are people with mobility issues in your home. Because it is a non-slip surface, concrete walkways are safer in general. In addition, there will be no gaps, cracks, and tripping hazards on this kind of surface. Concrete walkways are better than pavers and wooden walkways in terms of accessibility.

Summer and Winter-Friendly

Preparing your concrete walkway for summer isn’t a difficult task. Compared to asphalt, concrete does not absorb too much UV radiation. Don’t worry because it won’t absorb and retain heat all day long. You can expect that the surface will stay cool under the blaring sun during the hot summer months. If you want, you can even walk around bare feet on your concrete walkways.

For the winter months, snow removal is easy when you have concrete walkways and driveways. Moreover, you can winterize the concrete surface to protect it from extreme weather conditions. Seal or waterproof your walkway by applying a high-quality concrete sealer.

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