Importance of Concrete Care and Maintenance

A concrete project is an investment that can boost your home value. It requires proper planning and seamless execution. Whether you tackle a driveway or sidewalk project, you will likely spend money and resources. That’s why you need to protect your valuable investment.

Concrete surfaces need some TLC. Regular maintenance will allow them to last for years to come. When concrete is not properly maintained, expensive repairs might be needed. To avoid this from happening, follow our tips to help you maintain your concrete surfaces.

Keep It Clean Regularly

A routine schedule of vacuuming and mopping your concrete floor can make all the difference. When you don’t clean concrete, it will wear down a lot faster. It will soon be filled with dirt and oil build-up, which might eat away at your concrete finish. 

Clear all dirt and debris using a broom, vacuum, or mop. Always make sure to keep the concrete surface clean to avoid premature degradation. Once it is cleaned, you can practice basic maintenance like sealing and waterproofing.

Remove Mold on Concrete

During cold and humid weather, there’s a chance that mold will thrive in your property. Although concrete is a hard surface, mold spores can still thrive on it. You will likely see black or brown stains on concrete driveways or surfaces that always get wet. This is a serious problem especially if you have family members with respiratory illnesses. Moreover, the acid produced by mold can affect the concrete’s integrity.

Regular cleaning is the key to preventing mold growth in concrete. To remove mold and grime build-up, scrub it with a brush or scraper. Then, apply a bleach-detergent solution onto the affected area.  

Fix Hairline Cracks in Concrete

Due to gravity and other forces, hairline cracks in concrete may appear over time. These fine, spider web-like cracks are not much of a concern. Any concrete structure will eventually form cracks. 

According to experts, hairline cracks should be less than a 1/4-inch wide. These kinds of cracks can be easily repaired. The overall structural integrity won’t be affected, so a simple sealing can do the trick. While hairline cracks aren’t a big deal, you still need to repair them. Doing so will minimize water intrusion. 

First, clean the cracked surface to remove any debris. Then, you may fill the gap using a sealant. This material will bond well to the concrete and cover the hairline cracks. The last step is to cure concrete for at least two hours. After the curing process, the concrete may be safely exposed to water, moisture, and other components.

Seal Concrete Expansion Joints

Expansion or movement joints exist to absorb thermal expansion and contraction. These are usually found in concrete sidewalks and driveways. The main purpose of expansion joints is to let the surface adjust to movements and temperature changes.

It is very important for these expansion joints to remain watertight. To minimize water intrusion, sealers and fillers should be applied immediately. Having properly sealed expansion joints will help maintain the structural integrity of concrete.

Waterproof Your Concrete Surfaces

Concrete is a porous material. It has holes through which water and chemicals can pass through. Indoor concrete surfaces need to be waterproofed to ensure its long lifespan. Fortunately, there are waterproofing treatments for concrete.

Epoxy resin coating and liquid waterproofing gels can prevent moisture from penetrating concrete floors. As concrete experts, we recommend this technique to improve durability.

Apply Sealer on Concrete Surfaces

We all know that water can affect the structural integrity of concrete. Sealing your concrete surface is very crucial. This will repel moisture, dust, and other elements from seeping in. Moreover, a sealer can enhance the appearance of decorative concrete and block harmful UV rays. 

You may choose from acrylic, epoxy, polyurethane, and siloxane sealers. Each variety of sealer is suitable for specific concrete surfaces. It’s important to pick out the right concrete sealer for your project. Contact a reliable contractor to get started.

Consult Our Concrete Experts

Preventive maintenance is better than none. Keep these 6 tips in mind to help you make the most of your concrete structures. For help on maintaining your concrete surfaces, reach out to Midstate Concrete. Our concrete contractors are ready to provide you with nothing but impressive concrete works. To get a free quote, call us today.