Concrete Driveway Maintenance Tips This Winter Season

Winter is just around the corner, which means potential damage to your concrete driveway. The cold weather can take a huge toll on different parts of your home, both interior and exterior. During this season, your concrete driveway will get exposed to rain, snow, and freezing temperatures. As a result, cracks and potholes might appear.

Fortunately, the cold weather won’t cause damage if you’ve taken preventive measures to protect your driveway. The best time to begin your winter driveway maintenance is before the snow hits. In this blog, we have several tips and tricks to prepare your driveway for winter. 

Level the Ground

Sunken depressions on your driveway might worsen during the winter season. When a sinking driveway isn’t repaired prior to the winter months, melted snow might start pooling on the surface. These puddles may soon turn into slick ice, which is very dangerous to people and animals. 

Raising the low spots through concrete leveling is an effective solution. This procedure involves filling the void in the soil to stabilize the surface. After the concrete leveling, your concrete driveway can go back to its original position.

Seal Driveway Cracks

Before the snow hits, make sure to look for driveway cracks. Even a minor crack will deepen due to water that has seeped in. As the water freezes and thaws, the existing cracks will get larger and more difficult to repair. 

To avoid this problem, use crack fillers that can be squeezed directly onto the damaged surface. We suggest you repair and seal your driveway in the fall months. For larger cracks, it’s best to hire a professional company for driveway repairs.

Keep Your Driveway Clear and Clean

Deep cleaning should be the first step in your concrete driveway maintenance routine. Before the cold weather sets in, grab your broom to sweep away leaves and other debris. You may use a pressure washer to loosen up dirt and grime on your driveway. Cleaning the concrete driveway allows you to see if there are minor cracks or holes on the surface. By doing this, you can prevent expensive repairs from happening. 

Use Proper Tools and Equipment

When cleaning your concrete driveway, make sure to utilize the right equipment and tools. Pressure washers, water brooms, and surface cleaners can help speed up the cleaning process. 

Once the snow falls, it’s time to bring out your snowblowers and shovels. Such equipment can help you take care of your concrete driveway throughout the winter months. As much as possible, avoid shovels with metal edges or blades. This type of shovel might scrape up the driveway’s surface. Instead, use plastic shovels for removing snow. They are more lightweight and flexible, which allows the snow to slide off easily.

Apply a Concrete Driveway Sealer

After cleaning, seal your driveway as part of your winter preparation checklist. Sealing means applying a protective coating against abrasion and winter damage. The sealer provides a layer of protection, which prevents water from breaking down concrete underneath. It also stops any damage caused by de-icing chemicals and salt. As a rule of thumb, driveway sealers should be applied every 1 to 3 years.

Check for Drainage Issues

Are there puddles in the middle of your driveway? If your answer is yes, there’s a chance of drainage issues. Make sure your driveway has proper drainage before the winter months. Extreme cold temperatures can lead to bigger and wider cracks. In addition, standing water on the driveway may cause dangerous slips and overflowing drains. 

Prior to the winter season, remove any debris that blocks the channel drainage. Sunken areas should also be raised with the help of a concrete leveling team. Get in touch with a reliable concrete driveway contractor who can ensure that you have proper drainage.

Work With Our Concrete Pros

Use these concrete driveway maintenance tips before the snowfall. We believe that it does not hurt to get your driveway checked out before the chilly weather kicks in. If you need some driveway repairs and touch-ups, count on none other than Midstate Concrete. 

You can rest easy knowing your concrete driveway is ready for winter. Our concrete experts can help with driveway installation, concrete stamping, concrete patio paving, and more. Give us a call today to get started on your concrete project!