Different Ways to Maintain Your Concrete Driveway

Your driveway is not just parking—it’s a part of your home. It usually gets stains and cracks because cars pass by your driveway every day. This is the reason why your driveway needs constant care and maintenance.

If you want a material that only needs minimal upkeep, a concrete driveway is a good choice. It requires less amount of maintenance compared to other driveway materials. But you still need to take care of your driveway to extend its life. Consider the following tips for concrete driveway care:

Reapply Concrete Sealant

Concrete is a strong material, which makes it good for driveways. However, concrete is very prone to cracking. You can prevent cracking on your driveway by applying a concrete sealant. Keeping the surface sealed will prevent cracks from spreading quickly. When you do this every two years, the fine surface cracks will not become noticeable. 

In addition, water won’t go through the cracks and cause damage. You may hire a concrete professional or apply the sealant yourself by following the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Patch Cracks and Other Problem Areas

Cracks and holes in the expansion joints are pretty common. Before matters become worse, apply crack fillers and concrete patching compound on the surface. First, clean the concrete driveway to remove all dirt and debris. You may use a chisel to get rid of the loose materials. Next, apply the crack filler to patch all the cracks. 

Once the compound fully dries, add a coat of concrete sealant on the surface. When you have a smooth driveway, this will help reduce tripping accidents and keep water from seeping inside.

Remove Stains Immediately

Outdoor areas like your concrete driveway always get dirty. There are dirt, grime, oil, and grease stains on the surface. Tough stains should be removed immediately before they become a bigger problem in the future. To clean your driveway thoroughly, you can power wash the surface and use cleaning detergents. 

When the dirt and grease are gone, you may apply a coat of sealant to protect it from further damage and staining. The concrete sealant will help reduce the absorption of water and dirt that cause discolored spots.

Do Not Use Deicing Chemicals

In the winter, ice and snow can accumulate in your concrete driveway. You might be tempted to use deicing chemicals to remove them before causing an accident. However, deicing products can damage the surface. These products contain ammonium nitrates and ammonium sulfates that might cause scaling and spalling. 

Using rock salt or anything with sodium chloride or calcium chloride is also discouraged. They might pose lesser damage than deicing chemicals, but they can harm the concrete driveway. As an alternative, you can use sand to provide extra traction. A mixture of rubbing alcohol and warm water will also melt the ice. Add the mixture to a spray bottle and spritz the solution on your concrete driveway. Wait until the surface has been cleared off completely.

Avoid Parking Heavy Vehicles and Equipment

Concrete is a durable material, but it’s not maintenance-free nor indestructible. You still need to be extra careful to avoid putting excessive weight and stress on the driveway. Always remember to park away from the edge because this is the area where concrete is weaker and more vulnerable.

In addition, your driveway should not be a parking space for heavy trucks. It is not designed to support large vans and construction equipment. These types of vehicles should be parked away from your concrete driveway. 

Do Not Scratch the Surface

When the driveway has scratches, it becomes visually unappealing. Treat your concrete driveway with care by avoiding the use of metal shovels and snowplows. The blades can scrape and scratch the surface including the concrete sealant. Instead, use a hard plastic shovel to remove snow from the ground. You should also try to avoid digging right down to the surface. You can swing in an earthward motion to remove snow a few inches at a time. Be mindful of how you work around your concrete driveway.

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