Qualities of a Bad Concrete Contractor

Home improvements like concrete projects are complicated and daunting. If you don’t have tools or experience, DIY work can lead to unsatisfactory results. When it comes to most concrete projects around your property, it’s time to hire the best experts in your area. 

However, finding the right concrete contractor can be a challenge. What should beware of when working with concrete contractors? Let’s find out in this blog post:

Full Payments Are Required

On any construction project, a contractor may request an advance payment to purchase materials. A reasonable down payment is between 10% and 25% of the project cost. If the concrete contractor wants 50% or more upfront, that’s a red flag.

A payment schedule should be agreed upon by both the client and contractor. Reputable concrete companies are more than willing to discuss the payment terms before work is started.

No Proof of Insurance

Beware of contractors who cannot provide you with proof of insurance. In case something goes wrong, general liability and workers’ compensation insurance can help cover the damages. A lot of things could go wrong, so make sure to hire a contractor with proof of coverage.

Any decent concrete contractor knows the importance of insurance policies. Protect yourself against property damage, third-party injuries, and financial losses. Don’t forget to ask for proof of coverage for your peace of mind.

No Valid License and Certificates

It’s a red flag if you’re working with an unlicensed concrete contractor. Regardless of the industry, you should only hire someone with a proper license and bond. Most states require contractors to obtain a license before undertaking concrete work. 

A concrete contractor with a valid license is qualified to carry out the work. This gives you the assurance that they are trained and experienced in handling different concrete projects. Having a state-issued license means they’ve passed the contractor licensing requirements in your area. 

Poor Communication Skills

Nobody wants to hire a concrete contractor that has a poor work ethic. Dealing with an unprofessional contractor can cause you unnecessary stress. Your contractor works for you, which means they should inform you about the progress of the project. As the client, you have the right to question them about their shoddy workmanship or project delays. If they fail to answer your calls or address your concerns, you should deal with them soon as possible. In the end, they might run off and abandon the project. 

A legitimate contractor knows their responsibility and takes ownership of their actions. Hire someone who will be able to convey what’s going on within the project.

No Portfolio of Projects

One effective way to check their legitimacy is by looking at their previous work. A proper project portfolio highlights their completed projects, noteworthy achievements, and feedback from previous clients. Make sure to review their work and ensure they have a good reputation in your area.

Aside from this, you may request references that they have worked with. Get a list of their current or past clients. You may ask the former clients about the contractor’s professionalism, quality of work, pricing, and other aspects. This will help you make an informed decision when hiring a concrete company.

They Don’t Provide Written Contracts

A written contract helps define the terms in a concrete project. This document contains specific details about the project, such as the scope of work and expectations for both parties. Bad contractors are known for failing to meet expectations. In case of a disagreement, you can refer to the written contract and get everything back on track. This will help protect your interests and enforce your rights as the client.

As much as possible, avoid a concrete contractor who doesn’t want to sign a contract. If you made verbal agreements, make sure to put everything in writing. Your contract must include details about the deadlines, supplies, guarantees, and contingencies.

Choose an Expert Concrete Company

Finding the right contractor isn’t easy. Be mindful of the warning signs of a bad contractor and stay away from them. Fortunately, Midstate Concrete is here to provide you with top-notch concrete services. Our goal is to satisfy the needs of our clients in Harrisburg.

From concrete patio paving to driveway sealing, we take our services to the next level. Contact us today if you would like to work with us!