How Can Sidewalk Repair Benefit You?

Over time, the sidewalk gets damaged due to heavy traffic, soil erosion, or ground movement. No one wants to walk on a damaged sidewalk. Having cracked sidewalks is a big deal for property owners. This could cause slip and fall accidents and reduce your property’s curb appeal. That’s why you need to make the necessary repairs on your concrete sidewalk for everyone’s safety. 

If you live in a community, your HOA is responsible for repairing and maintaining the sidewalks and walkways. In some cases, the property owner who is directly adjacent to the sidewalk will be responsible for its repairs. Handling the sidewalk maintenance and repairs will ensure you have a safe and secure walkway in your neighborhood.

In this blog, we will enumerate the benefit of tackling concrete sidewalk repair promptly. Continue reading to learn more.

Prevent Further Damages

While concrete surfaces are durable, they are still prone to cracking and sinking. The most common sidewalk defect is cracking. There are several reasons why cracks appear on concrete sidewalks. When cracks and holes start appearing, you need to fix the surface as quickly as possible. Being proactive will prevent the damage from getting worse. By starting your concrete repair project, you can get the best chance of minimizing damage in the future.

Boost Property Value

A well-maintained sidewalk can add value to your property. It gives a good first impression to potential homebuyers. When you have functional and well-kept sidewalks, it means that you live in a walkable community. Neighborhoods with great sidewalks and walkways can attract prospects and clients. 

Sunken and cracked concrete sidewalks are not appealing to them. To enhance your home value, it’s time to call someone out to repair it before anything worse happens. Doing this will improve the curb appeal and aesthetics of your property.

Restore Its Original Appearance

Another benefit of sidewalk repair is it could bring back the original appearance of the concrete surface. Extensive cracks and potholes can sometimes be an eyesore. With a concrete repair project, you can instantly spruce up the outside of your home. This is a great way to give it a brand-new appearance and boost curb appeal. Nothing looks more appealing than a concrete surface that has been repaired.

To maintain its fresh new appearance, make sure that your concrete sidewalk is sealed. Apply solvent or water-based sealer on the entire sidewalk surface. This will guarantee maximum performance and durability of the surface.

Ensure Safety and Reduce the Risk of Injury

Sidewalks and walkways are designed to provide a safe route for pedestrians. It reduces pedestrian crashes because it’s typically away from roadways and traffic. But if the sidewalk is dangerous to walk on, various mishaps may happen. People might trip and fall because of an uneven sidewalk. During the nighttime, passersby may trip over a raised spot of the concrete sidewalk.

Not a lot of people know how dangerous a trip and fall accident is. Tripping on an uneven sidewalk can result in broken bones or even fatal injuries. If the damage is due to negligence, you can be held liable for the injuries sustained by others.

These fall-down injuries can be avoided by fixing your concrete sidewalk. Concrete leveling, full restoration, and mudjacking are some of the methods that can repair sidewalk defects. Mudjacking involves pumping water and cement mixtures under a sunken concrete surface. Most contractors drill several one-inch holes before pumping the mudjacking slurry. With this method, the concrete slab will be raised back to an even position. 

Improve Water Drainage

Puddles on sunken sidewalks and walkways are very common. This happens when the concrete sidewalk doesn’t have proper drainage. If the problem is ignored, it can cause structural damage and health issues. Standing water and puddles are breeding grounds for insects. For example, mosquitoes love puddles because it’s where they lay their eggs.

To eliminate puddles and improve water drainage, fix the sunken surface and install a sidewalk drainage system. This will improve the longevity of your concrete sidewalk and prevent water from pooling.

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